The Home Decor Trends You’re About To See Everywhere in 2023

The Home Decor Trends You’re About To See Everywhere in 2023

Minimal neutrals, whites, and grays have dominated the home scene for a few years now, a calming trend that soothed us during a volatile period. Home is our sanctuary and it makes sense that it would reflect our times. But 2023 is going to dial it up a notch. We are ready to have a little fun and break out of the completely neutral mold.

“The shift away from mostly neutrals and whites is something many pros attribute to the pandemic. These days, homeowners seem more adventurous and willing to take a chance on creating brighter, more vibrant spaces,” noted a recent trend report from Houzz.

While neutrals aren’t completely off the table, designers say they’re pairing them up with warmer, earthy colors. Some trends that are out: the all-white kitchen and farmhouse decor. Expect more colorful kitchens, vintage inspiration, greenery and sustainable features, scenic wallpapers, warm and soft colors (to complement your neutrals), and a whole lot of playful and personal decor in a sophisticated palette. Get ready to be inspired, be creative, and bring more joy into your home and life in 2023 with these anything-but-boring trends.

Bold + Dramatic Stone

Courtesy of Artistic Tile

“We will be seeing dramatic stone countertops. People want to make a statement in places like powder bathrooms and primary bathrooms and stones with a heavy vein quality will now be that statement in the room,” says Lindye Galloway, founder + chief creative officer at Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shopin Orange County, CA. This Rainbow Onyx from Artistic Tile is a big 2023 trend.

Honey Onyx too will make a comeback, says Geddes Ulinskas, principal and founder of Geddes Ulinkskas Architects. “Suffering from over-use in 80’s style, Honey Oynx fell out of favor with designers. We see the stone coming back strongly with striking, graphic veining. It will continue to be seen as a classic material for design.”

Eilyn Jimenez, founder and creative director at Sire Design says her team has been drawn to Rosa Lepanto marble. “We fell so in love with this stunning marble that we selected for a custom fireplace, ultimately, we installed it in the bathroom at our office.”

Nostalgic Decor + Personalization

“Design with nostalgia in mind will continue. I don’t mean mid-century or retro. I think this idea of Granny-chic is evolving to a less kitschy/more sophisticated style which I really appreciate,” says Gideon Mendelson, founder and creative director ofMendelson Group.

Vintage furniture, heirloom accessories and art, classic meets modern. This throwback trend to an era gone by adds a bit of soul to a space with pieces that tell a story. Some periods to echo in your decor to keep it fresh: Art Deco is still going strong, sophisticated version of ’80s, classic British style, Brutalism, and Bauhaus.

Personalization is also key, making your home a reflection of your life. “Many clients ask us to include furniture and artwork from their previous apartments, requesting we integrate their vintage heirloom pieces into their newly designed homes,” says Julien Legeard, Founder of Legeard Studio.

This timeless trend is something that will live beyond 2023. “Mixing the old with the new will always be around,” says Joshua Smith, principal designer and founder at Joshua Smith Inc. “Not only do we breathe new life into these treasures when we combine antiques with new, modern pieces, but it’s also a sustainable approach.”

Biophilic Design

Homeowners are craving a deep connection to the outdoors, reported Houzz. Sliding glass doors to connect indoor and out, large windows to maximize views, and a focus on natural materials and colors, even wallpapers that recall nature are trending. “Seamlessly transitioning outdoor elements indoors through the color palette, textures, materials, and the huge plant craze will be big trends in 2023,” says Krisha Salud, director of interiors at StudioLAB.


Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shop

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“Wellness has become a buzzword, and it’s a driving factor of design for 2023,” says Mary Maydan, founder and principal of Maydan Architects. Self-care and thinking of our homes as sanctuaries is a big DO in home decor in 2023. Think slowing down and creating a more zen space with things like home spas, steam showers, hot tubs, even a reading room.

Warm Neutrals

Urbanology Designs

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While neutrals won’t completely go away, designers will be adding warmer tones and natural textures to keep them interesting. “The use of warmer wood tones and an earthy color palette in furniture and fabric will continue to rise, says Salud.

Soft blush pinks and corals will be big in 2023 as designers move away from all white and grey decor, adds Jerad Gardemal, principal designer + owner at JF Gardemal Designs. “It is a great way to reintroduce color into a home that was more monochromatic.”

Mendelson adds that neutral rooms can feel a little souless and boring. “I want to see designers adding more color and pattern to these sculptural spaces to make them feel more personal, and interesting and provoke more thought.”

Scenic Wallpaper

Maestri Studio

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Scenic wallpapers are having a moment for sure. From foggy treescapes to warm and bright city scenes to lush tropical escapes, wallpapers are serving as large-scale art murals and creating outdoor-inspired vibes in your home. “Scenic wallpaper, quality over quantity, and a connections to the outdoors will be huge in 2023,” says Sherrell Neal, founder and principal designer at Houston-based Sherrell Design Studio.

Maximal Minimalism

“We have seen clients drawn to fewer straight minimalist and maximalist design but rather something in between. We expect it will continue in that direction, as a younger generation of clients prefer casual over formal, with interiors that feel layered and reflect their personality and interests,” says Anna Baraness and Kristin Tarsi, Co-Founders and Partners, Studio AK.

Houzz reports that a more playful traditional style will unfold as more homeowners embrace “bright color, wild wallpaper and layered looks, …specifically a perked-up traditional look that combines vintage pieces with lots of upbeat pattern and wall coverings. Think of it as a traditional style returning in a fun way.”

Colorful Kitchens


“After a few heavy years, people are looking to incorporate more fun and playfulness into their lives and homes. I think 2023 is set for an emergence of more adventurous and eclectic decor and color choices as people really embrace their individual styles,” says Smith. Bob Bakes and Paul Kropp, Co-Founders, Bakes & Kroppagree that kitchens specifically went to far into the cold, impersonal feeling of neutral modern.

“In response, we’ve refined what we are dubbing Soft Modern kitchen design – an approach that layers warm elements to soften that feeling,” they say.

In fact, Houzz reported that many homeowners are asking for a warm and soft style that’s restful and relaxing. “Think delicate greige or off-white cabinets, light woods, muted tile, subdued patterns and warm bronze and brass finishes.”


Designer Sarah Sherman Samual has said that she has always been inspired by Bauhaus principles, which include clean lines, functional shapes with minimal decoration, primary colors (in the classic interpretation), and a mix of modern materials such as glass, concrete, and steel.


“Along with the Art Deco-inspired spaces we’ve been seeing and will continue to see, we’ll start to see nods to other distinctive styles that are graphic and bold like Brutalism and Bauhaus,” says Eddie Maestri, principal architect, creative director and owner at Maestri Studioin Dallas, TX.

So there you have it, neutrals transitioning into warmer tones, bold stones, nature and greenery and a throwback to classic, modern design, plus a little play and personality thrown into the mix, is inspiring designers and architects as we usher in a new year. What trends will you ride this year?

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