The Best Crypto Chart Apps

The Best Crypto Chart Apps

If you are a crypto trader, you will need a crypto chart app to monitor market trends. These applications display real-time market conditions and provide accurate data. There are several options available, but there are a few features you should look for to find the best app for your needs. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular applications below.

Coinigy: This cryptocurrency exchange app supports more than forty-five digital currencies and includes a mobile application. Users can connect multiple exchanges with Coinigy, and can create custom settings for their charts. Another good app for crypto trading is Quadency, which lets you chart and trade several different cryptocurrencies.

TradingView: This cryptocurrency chart app offers a variety of features for advanced crypto traders. It has a user-friendly interface and has more than eighty technical indicators. Users can create custom charts or choose from millions of already-made charts. The app also offers premium plans, which offer advanced features and data feeds. Pro members can even access an exclusive chat room where they can interact with other pro members.

Altrady: This cryptocurrency chart app features drawing tools and interactive features to help you visualize trends. It also lets you share your charts with other users and earn money from them. You can also set alerts on your charts and create orders. All of these tools make it a fantastic crypto chart app. This app also lets you view charts in high definition, making them more clear to read.

Coinigy: Another popular cryptocurrency chart app that allows you to trade directly from the charts, Coinigy also offers advanced tools for technical analysis, such as margin trading, price alerts, and trade notifications. It’s one of the best crypto chart app available for advanced traders. This crypto chart app even offers back-testing algorithms that allow you to test different portfolio management techniques.

Coinbase Pro: Another popular crypto chart app is Coinbase Pro, which allows users to send orders to any exchange. It also allows you to import your orders and tracks your portfolio across exchanges in real time. If you are a professional investor or an institutional trader, Coinbase Pro is the perfect app for you. Not only does this app allow you to send and receive orders, but it also provides news and information about the cryptocurrency industry.

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