Choosing the Best Features in a Fireplace

Choosing the Best Features in a Fireplace

If you’re interested in buying a new fireplace, there are several things to consider. These items will be the hearth, the mantel, the pilot light, and the safety glass. If you have the time, learn about these features and visit fire pits Frisco TX. Then, you’ll be glad you did when you decide to purchase one. After all, the fireplace will be a focal point in your home, and it will help make the living space more comfortable.


Traditionally, a fireplace has been the focal point of a living room, with the mantel defining the architectural style. Modern heating methods have mostly replaced the need for a fireplace, but these fixtures still provide a focal point for the living room. Today, fireplace mantels are designed in various styles, allowing homeowners to express their tastes and create a unique look.

To create a more classically designed mantel, start with symmetry. Using a large object in the middle of paired objects with similar shapes will help you achieve balance. Next, consider using similar conditions in similar shapes, such as two similar-looking terra-cotta pots. Then, keep in mind that symmetry doesn’t have to mean rigidity. Organic shapes like terra-cotta pots will create a casual arrangement.


One of the most common wishes of homeowners is to install a statement fireplace in their homes. The vast range of fireplace designs can be overwhelming, however.

A feature wall is a great way to incorporate a fireplace into your room decor. A feature wall will add a different aesthetic to the room without clashing with the set of the rest of the room. A feature wall can become the room’s focal point while adding a sense of convenience. If you’re considering installing a fireplace, contact Organized Interiors for expert advice. They offer free design consultations to help you decide where to install the fireplace in your home.

Pilot Light

A gas or propane fireplace will feature a pilot light. These appliances burn gas through a small flame, and some models have push-button ignitors for easier lighting. While these are a great alternative to natural gas, they can be expensive to operate since the pilot light uses gas constantly. In addition to being expensive, this feature can also add up over time.

Once you’ve installed a gas or propane fireplace, you need to turn the gas control knob to “Pilot.” If you have a fixed glass assembly, you must pull the glass away from the controls to prevent gas buildup. You can also use a long-stem lighter to light the pilot. The key is to hold the lighter close to the control knob and wait for the pilot to burn steadily.

Safety Glass

When purchasing a fireplace, look for a safety glass model. The glass doors of most fireplaces can be hot during the burn and afterward. While fireplaces with safety glass doors are grand for safety, they can also be dangerous for children. Children should never approach the fireplace or put their hands near the glass. Children should also be kept away from the fireplace when it is in use. It is important to protect children from these dangers.

The fireplace glass is made of tempered glass, which can handle heat up to a certain point, but it is still recommended that the door be closed while the fire is roaring. Also, you should always install a mesh to prevent debris from coming from the glass. This will prevent injury and save your family’s sanity. Safety glass is also one of the best features in a fireplace, so make sure to choose one with this feature.

Accent Wall

If you’d like to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your living room, you can make it an accent wall. The fireplace is usually the center of attention in the room, so decorating it with color adds visual interest and brings the room together. A beautiful mantelpiece deserves an accent wall. If you’ve already purchased a beautiful mantelpiece, consider buying a few geometric tiles to decorate it. Or, if you’re a little more daring, consider painting the fireplace wall with your favorite color or wallpaper.

You can choose a bold color or geometric wallpaper if you’d like a more dramatic look. You could also build a stone wall around the fireplace. However, if you’re concerned about the cost of adding an accent wall, a fireplace that is the focal point of the room will be an expensive distraction. So instead of using a bold color or a big, ugly accent wall, you can opt to add a few built-ins and a decorative surround.


Adding a Letterboard to your fireplace mantel can be a fun and personal way to add eye-catching detail to the room. Not only can it add style and character to the room, but you can also use it to display any writing, from a favorite movie quote to a shopping list. And when you have guests over, adding a fun quote will make you laugh and welcome them with joy.