At iSaloni 2022 Bellavista Showcased Items Designed Within a Joint Project

At iSaloni 2022 Bellavista Showcased Items Designed Within a Joint Project

If you visit Bellavista Collection’s online catalog (i.e. the section named PRODUCTS on the brand’s website) and browse through the Italian luxury furniture there, you will surely notice one thing. When you open a pdf file with the description of any item, in the top left corner you’ll see the designer’s name. It won’t take long to realize that most of these excellent pieces are created by the same person – Attilio Zanni.

It’s not surprising: Attilio Zanni is not only the co-founder of the brand but also the very creator, whose talent and hard work made Bellavista Collection a recognized brand.

But ‘most’ doesn’t mean ‘all’, though. True talent is all about generating ideas and sharing them. So, really gifted designers do appreciate the talent of their colleagues. Attilio Zanni has lots of friends and business partners all over the global design community. Some items in Bellavista’s inventory came into existence thanks to these designers, and you can learn it from the notes in their descriptions.

Collaborative projects and joint participation in trade fairs are no news, either. The latest trade event Bellavista Collection participated in – the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2022 (or simply iSaloni for short) – is a great example of the brand’s cooperation with professionals from other companies.

Not so long ago, visitors of Bellavista Collection’s exhibitor booth could see the cabinet named T-TENGO – an impressive piece, that is part of the TRATTO capsule collection, recently created in collabortation with Andrea Castejon from Centropolis Design.

Focus on Light

Well, who is the designer, whose pieces turned out to be so beautiful and versatile that were showcased together with Attilio Zanni’s newest creations?

Andrea Castejon is a well-recognized Italian artist, architect, and designer from Milan. For more than two decades he has been creating real masterpieces out of wood, metal, fabric… and light. Yes, light – although it could hardly be called material, it nonetheless is a strong element of Andrea Castejon’s designs.

Non-trivial lighting solutions have long become a hallmark of this designer, and since 2002 – of Centropolis Design, a studio Andrea Castejon founded. Now he is a creative director there.

This firm brought together as many as seventeen creative minds, and for already twenty years the team generate sophisticated interior and product designs. Also, the company is well-known for its outdoor and indoor lighting solutions for architecture. But what is the most important about the team is that they create concepts rather than just separate pieces and their combinations.

If you take the time to browse through the company’s website, you’ll surely be impressed by its numerous projects. Luxurious interiors of hotels, resorts, and other public places turn attention at once. The projects, related to architectural lighting design, landscaping, and product design are so sophisticated that it’s hard to feel anything but awe when looking at their photos.

Lots of brave concepts and clever solutions from Centropolis Design have already been turned into interiors of real rooms, located all over the world, from Milan and Provence to the Caribbean and the United States.

Besides, Centropolis Design often cooperates with other companies, working out so-called capsule collections for them. What’s a capsule collection? In a nutshell, it is a small collection with a distinctive style. In spite of the small number of pieces, it clearly reflects the designer’s vision.

In 2022, Centropolis Design create two of them: GOLD&SILVER COLLECTION for the Italian brand named Momenti, and TRATTO – for Bellavista Collection.

Both of them are well worth looking through.

TRATTO: Flexible and Beautiful 

The system of objects united under the name TRATTO is extraordinarily flexible: you can freely combine them, getting something new and grand-looking each time. This blend of functional and decorative pieces will become a highlight of an interior design, making the entire room look unforgettable.

By the way, the word ‘TRATTO’, if translated directly from Italian, has many meanings – ‘line’, ‘trait’, ‘part’, and features, to name a few.

By assembling the elements in different ways, you in fact can get multiple solutions to renew the general appearance of your room, whenever you feel like it. The interesting lighting solution adds even more zest to the entire look.

Plenty in Common

As you can see, a collaboration between Centropolis Design and Bellavista Collection wasn’t just a coincidence. These two renowned creators have so much in common that they were virtually bound to have a joint project sooner or later.

Attilio Zanni and Andrea Castejon both are brilliant designers with years (well, better say, decades) of experience. Each has a mature distinctive style. Both have long gained solid reputations and are well-recognized in the global design community.

Each of them has founded a company of his own. What’s more, they both managed to succeed, which isn’t easy. In the modern market, with its plentiful supply and fierce competition, the twenty-year-old Centropolis Design and the twelve-year-old Bellavista Collection both are pretty old enterprises… So, the ages of both companies speak for themselves.

But probably the most important thing about Attilio Zanni and Andrea Castejon is that both these creators really love what they’re doing. It becomes clear when you take a look at their projects. Whatever they create, they elaborate the design to a tee. For them, no project could be more important or less important: all are equally significant. Each item is designed with beauty and practicability in mind, created with love and care.

That’s why both these designers enjoy well-deserved popularity. It couldn’t be otherwise: people who put a lot of passion into what they do, deserve success, don’t they?