7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

7 Home Decor Mistakes Making Your Space Look Dated

Trends come and go, but decor styles can endure with the right upgrade. Farmhouse modern, for example, has outlasted many home decor trends over the decade (RIP kitschy boho) and even inspired offshoots like cottagecore and coastal grandmother, proving we’ll always crush on all things clean and cozy. Interior designer Anna Franklin of Milwaukee-based Stone House Collective helps us refresh the look with a few dos and don’ts… plus check out our style reminders to keep your home decor always on point.

best paint colors

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #1: Walls are painted in outdated colors.

Millennial pink, tangerine, light yellow, violet, and bright red are out, while more earthy tones are in, like this beautiful statement wall Franklin and team had painted in Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams. It adds a moody vibe that feels rich and modern, albeit farmhouse-inspired.

bedroom design

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #2: Using typographic signs in lieu of artwork.

Rustic typographic signs hint of a farmhouse decor past. “Although once a staple of farmhouse decor, replace typography signs with beautiful artwork that depicts a rural, landscape scene. In addition to being much more chic, these pieces will add a touch of color to an otherwise neutral aesthetic,” says Franklin.

coffee tablescape

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #3: Decor lacks authenticity.

DIY farmhouse decor like the faux-antique window pane with chicken wire or mason jars glued to faux-distressed barn board can scream a little too country. “Instead opt for vintage, antique finds with a rustic flair,” says Franklin. Look for a high-quality cream vintage rug; handmade, weathered pottery; and solid wood furniture. “Make a statement and incorporate an authentic, solid wood farmhouse dining table made of exposed wood. These dining tables are typically the star of the space, and will age beautifully over time,” adds Franklin.

farmhouse modern

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #4: Clutter is everywhere.

A well-designed home, no matter what style, feels as good as it looks when the room is clean, comfortable, and clutter-free. Pare down to the basics and then add in warm features, like a rustic console and earthy lamps. For toys and things that always end up where they don’t belong, invest in natural baskets and containers that suit your style.

entryway design

Mistake #5: Your entry gets no love.

First impressions matter. Give your entryway a little love with a wood console table, a modern mirror at eye level, a durable rug, and simple accessories, like a vase with branches, small containers for keys and things, and coffee table books.

indoor plants

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #6: Plants look a little sad or overgrown.

Plants, large and small, can help clean airand bring the outdoors in, ultimately making a room feel alive. Be selective and think about scale. These plants play a subtle yet decorative role in a spare office — the perfect spot for clear thinking and productivity. Plants to look out for include olive trees, ficus elastica, pilea, snake plants and calathea.

living room design

Design: Stone House Collective

Mistake #7: There is no symmetry and balance.

Multiples like these twin accent chairs add symmetry to a design, making a room feel more balanced. A rug large enough to reach all of the furniture makes a great impact too while adding to the balanced, cozy vibe.

Finally, add personal touches that make your home feel like you (vs. following the latest IG decor playbook). Bring in books you love, art that gives you all the feels, and personal mementos (travel souvenirs, family photos, etc.) to make a house, farmhouse or otherwise, a home.

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