Wood Putty vs Wood Filler: What’s the Difference?

Wood Putty vs Wood Filler: What’s the Difference?

Wood Putty vs Wood Filler: What’s the Difference?


Irrespective of whether repairing great picket household furniture or filling nail holes in the wall, it’s probably that both wooden putty or wooden filler can enable take care of slight damages and boost the visual appeal of the task. Thanks to the equivalent objective, these two products are normally utilized interchangeably. Even so, when it arrives to wooden putty vs. wood filler, it’s crucial to know which circumstances are superior suited for putty and when a filler is an excellent option.

Both of those wooden putty and wood filler do the occupation of a wood hole filler, but there are limits to equally. Putty should really only be used on concluded or stained surfaces since the substances that are portion of its composition can be damaging to exposed wooden. Meanwhile, a stainable wooden filler is not suited for repairing exterior hurt mainly because filler is prone to shrinking and growing with altering temperatures.

Retain reading to master much more about the variations concerning wood putty and wood filler, as well as when to use every single products.

Wooden filler is designed of wood byproducts suspended in a binder that totally hardens in minutes.

The dissimilarities involving wood putty and wood filler start off with the composition of just about every merchandise. Wood filler is made up of a hardening resin alternative that includes a suspension of wood byproducts. The system lets it to choose a soft and pliable kind that’s somewhat simple to implement. There are also sorts of liquid wooden filler goods that fill slim cracks and slivers by soaking into the wooden fibers and binding with them in buy to fix the destruction.

At the time the wood filler is utilized it will dry and harden in just a couple of minutes. Since it hardens and does not continue to be flexible, wooden filler is an choice for repairing damaged inside partitions but not a good decision for exterior repairs. Filler can crack as it shrinks and expands in reaction to sizeable temperature modifications.

Whilst the chemical method of wood putty can injury exposed wood, wood filler is produced to bind specifically to the organic wooden and does not will need stain just before application.

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Wood putty is made up of plastic-centered and oil-based mostly compounds that keep on being pliable for many hrs.

As an alternative of working with a suspension of wooden byproducts in a binder, wood putty is built with plastic-centered and oil-primarily based compounds such as boiled linseed oil, calcium carbonate, and universal colorants. Owing to the chemicals in wood putty, it isn’t encouraged to use putty on uncovered uncooked wood. The substances can problems the wood, defeating the purpose of the restore. Rather, either stain prior to implementing the wood putty to make a barrier involving the substances and the wood or merely use wooden putty on concluded products that already have a sealant or stain applied.

Wood putty can take a extensive time to completely dry and established. Relying on the precise system, as very well as the humidity and dimensions of the repair, wooden putty may acquire as very long as 72 hrs to dry. Even soon after it dries, the putty continues to be flexible so it can be applied for exterior maintenance jobs.

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wood putty vs. wood filler


Most wood fillers are stainable whilst wood putties occur in a selection of wooden tones. 

Is wood filler stainable is a widespread query questioned by DIYers that are acquiring trouble colour-matching wooden putty. Due to the composition of wood filler, it can be mixed with a wood stain in various concentrations to customize the color of the filler. Ordinarily, the best wooden filler for stains contains a substantial volume of pure wood particles. Fillers that have a better focus of minerals might not hold stains as effectively. Paintable wooden filler is also usually readily available.

Wood putty is not stainable, but it does come in a assortment of wooden hues. Choose the wood color that very best matches the piece you are restoring. Outside wood putty is manufactured to match preferred stain colors for decks and fences. It also can be utilized inside of or it can be painted about immediately after it has absolutely treated.

When must wooden filler be used?

Being aware of the differences in the chemical composition and the different color solutions is critical to determining exactly where, when, and how to use wooden filler or wood putty. Just one of the very first distinctions to maintain in intellect is that wood filler is inclined to shrinking and cracking when it’s uncovered to fluctuating temperatures, so it should not be applied outside. Nevertheless, considering the fact that it usually takes just a few minutes for wooden filler to harden, it is an exceptional preference for fast inside repairs of nicks, holes, and scratches in hardwood flooring.

Fixing gouges and scratches in unfinished home furnishings is a different terrific process for wooden filler, but 1 of the most remarkable takes advantage of of this product or service is fixing weakened edges on wood tabletops, countertops, and shelves. This repair service stands out from minor nicks and scratches mainly because you have to essentially mould and condition the wooden filler to match the bordering undamaged edges of the furnishings prior to the wood filler hardens. After hardened, you can sand the wood filler to give it a clean texture ahead of staining.

When really should wooden putty be applied?

Wooden putty is not as preferred as wood filler mainly because it can just take a prolonged time to dry, but this perceived shortcoming basically helps make wooden putty an great selection for outside do the job. Exterior wood putty can enable repair service holes in deck boards, fencing, and even siding with no shrinking, increasing, or cracking owing to temperature changes. Right after repairing gouges and cracks in exterior woodwork, wooden putty can be painted to match the encompassing wood.

Inside a property, wooden putty can repair cracks, chips, and little holes in concluded furniture, flooring, and some interior woodwork. Nonetheless, the a lot more putty utilized for a maintenance, the lengthier it will choose to entirely established. It could be much better to decide for a wooden filler when it comes to more substantial interior repairs.

wood putty vs. wood filler