What Noises to Listen for in Your Bathroom Pipes

What Noises to Listen for in Your Bathroom Pipes

Unless anything is seriously wrong with your plumbing, you may not even notice when your toilet or bathroom pipes start making strange noises. Fortunately, odd gurgling and knockings are usually caused by plumbing issues rather than otherworldly intrusions. In fact, some of the noises you are likely to hear from your bathroom or toilet pipes are easy to fix, and you don’t even need to be an expert to do it. That said, whenever you hear any of the following noises, be on the lookout.

Constant running of water after flushing

When you flush the toilet, you will always hear the water refilling. This is normal after a flush. The issue arises when the running noise persists or never ceases. While concerning, this is rarely a major issue. Typically, this could signify the following:

  • The toilet has a flapper chain at the back. If this becomes excessively stressed, the valve may stick open, leading to the making of different sounds.
  • It could possibly be a problem with the tank’s valve. In this instance, the valve tank would not stop the leak.
  • The float is another cause of trouble. If not placed correctly, it might cause toilet overflow.

These are all vital sections of the toilet to watch. Luckily, these issues are easily identified. You can wriggle the flapper chain if you suspect it. The chain should be loose. If not, loosen it. You must examine a valve issue. Make sure the valve is closed to prevent water loss. To repair afloat, alter the height. You can do it yourself, call a friend, or hire a plumber.

Hissing noise

A hissing noise in your bathroom does not necessarily mean that there is a snake in it. On the contrary, it could be a minor issue that you can fix yourself or hire a professional. Generally, this sound is created by your flapper. It may eventually degrade and cease to work properly. However, this is not the only issue that can create complications.

  • The ballcock on your toilet could potentially be the blame. If it is not adjusted properly, it can cause problems.
  • If the valve or flapper is faulty, you may require a replacement as it may be the cause of the hissing noise.

Often, a ballcock issue can be resolved with a simple modification.

Foghorn Noise

Is your toilet making a sound similar to a ship entering the harbor? If it is, it may be due to a loose washer within the “float”—a black, ballock-style valve seen on older systems. Lift the tank lid and flush the toilet while holding the float up; if the foghorn sounds stop, you’ve identified the source of the problem. While this noise is annoying, it is readily rectified by disassembling the float and locating the loose valve. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, you can always hire a professional.

Banging or Clanking Noise

If you hear a banging noise or clanking whenever you flush the toilet and it finishes refilling, it could result from something in plumbing we refer to as a water hammer. There are several issues that cause the banging or clanking noises, and some of the most common ones include air in the pipes, too much pressure in the water, water flowing through the pipes, and hitting the valve forcefully. The best way to fix the issue is by reducing the pressure of the water from the main supply line, but if that does not work, you should call the plumber to avoid doing something that may mess up things even more. They are professionals who can help you with heating and cooling in Atlanta, GA, if you are looking for those services in the area.

Ghost/Phantom Flush

Phantom flushing occurs when your toilet makes a sound even though it isn’t flushed. This normally occurs when the tank leaks. Find the origin of this leak and fix it to stop the leaking. Remember that constant leakage and ghost flushing is harmful to your budget and Natural Environment since you will be wasting water.

Strange noises in your bathroom are usually not something to worry about, but they can signify a problem with your plumbing. If you hear either of the above noises, find the source, fix it or talk to a professional.

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