Tips for repairing faded wood paneling in your home

Tips for repairing faded wood paneling in your home


Q: We a short while ago obtained a dwelling with a stunning wood-paneled sunroom. Unfortunately, in which the past homeowners had hung shots on the walls, the stain has light. We do not want to strip and re-stain the complete room. Is there a way to match the stain with no overstaining the rest of the wall and earning it darker?

A: Your situation is identical to what a lot of persons expertise with wood floors: The wooden underneath region rugs or home furnishings winds up becoming a distinctive coloration than the wood that was not protected. The “faded” spots on your walls are truly nearer to how the paneling appeared immediately after it was set up it is the uncovered areas that have improved.

With both paneling and floors, the uneven color is not induced by stain fading it is a change in the wooden and from time to time a darkening of the finish wherever light-weight hits the surface. Both of those finishes and wooden respond to light-weight, mainly the ultraviolet element of the spectrum. Finishes, specifically if they are oil-primarily based, are likely to turn out to be additional amber. Gentle-coloured woods, together with the pine or possibly cedar in your sunroom, tend to darken, even though dim-colored hardwoods utilised in flooring tend to lighten in which they are in bright light — at least for a time. Following numerous many years of brilliant light-weight, both equally dark- and light-weight-colored woods develop into bleached and pale.

The good news is, until sections of the wood had been lined for a long time, the colour commonly evens out at the time images, place rugs or other coverings are eradicated, so you could possibly want to wait around to see no matter if the challenge resolves on its possess.

It is unattainable to say, even though, how long that may consider. Tom Salisbury, proprietor of Salisbury Woodworking (206-842-9500, a enterprise in Poulsbo, Wash., that specializes in wooden flooring and timber framing, recalled setting up and making use of 3 coats of complete to a vertical-grain fir floor. Because fir is softer than a lot of wood types used in flooring, the key corridors were being then protected with thick paper to secure them through the project’s final phases. When the paper was pulled up just two times afterwards, the included locations ended up significantly lighter, since the ground had altered colour exactly where light-weight strike. “Just rest,” Salisbury explained he advised the proprietors. “The color will catch up in a 7 days or so.” And it did. But wood that has been coated for a significantly longer period of time may possibly acquire more time to modify, Salisbury claimed.

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If waiting for the color to even out doesn’t do the job or usually takes so lengthy that your persistence runs out, you’ll have to have a System B — and maybe even a Approach C and D. System B is simple: Hold other artwork where the earlier owner’s pieces have been. But simply because you’re working with a sunroom, you almost certainly should not invest in costly paintings or pictures, which could be weakened by vivid light-weight. For framing, you may possibly want to use glass or acrylic, which blocks most ultraviolet rays.

Strategy C would be to test to even out the color. Mainly because you are working with paneling that has a bead molded into the edges of the boards, absolutely refinishing the partitions wouldn’t be uncomplicated, even if you were being interested in that remedy. “You cannot run a ground sander above walls,” Salisbury mentioned. And even if you had been keen to commit the time necessary to sand off the finish exactly where pictures after hung, so you could use stain to those locations, you’d run into just one of the worries of staining pine: The wood absorbs stains unevenly, generally resulting in a blotchy glimpse.

Coating pine with a wooden conditioner very first makes it additional evenly absorbent, but even then, stain sinks into the whiter wooden, which grew in the spring, much more than the darker, denser wooden, which grew in the drop or winter season. Stained pine has the darkish- and light-weight-coloured parts reversed, which may possibly be all right when all of the wooden is stained. But if you have been to stain just the image-coated patches of the wall, it could glance garish.

But it could be probable to a little bit tint a new coat of end and utilize that more than the existing complete on the regions exactly where the shots the moment hung. This way, you’d be shifting the coloration of the finish alternatively than the wood. Salisbury after experienced a client who prolonged a place where by he experienced mounted maple flooring about 20 several years before. The flooring was even now in fantastic shape and did not will need refinishing, but simply because it was uncovered to mild, it experienced turn out to be far more amber. New maple flooring in the addition wouldn’t match. His solution was to use Amberizer, a product or service then created by Fundamental Coatings, to tint a very clear, drinking water-primarily based finish that he experienced used to the new wooden.

Start off with a obvious complete with a sheen very similar to what is on your partitions. Acquire tiny cans with a few of gloss ranges, and exam them on modest, out-of-the-way parts of the wall to get the most effective match for how mild demonstrates. For the tint, you will need to have to experiment. The Simple Coatings web site doesn’t list Amberizer as one particular of its goods, although a product of the similar name is created by Loba, a German corporation, and is $6.98 for a 100-milliliter bottle from Ampro (

Or check with a paint shop to provide you a tiny container of a pigment combine that will produce an amber color. Salisbury stated it’s attainable to incorporate up to a person ounce of tint to a gallon of obvious drinking water-dependent finish without having compromising its durability. Some Do-it-yourself web-sites say you can combine oil-centered stain with h2o-centered complete and get great results, but be confident to check regardless of whether this will work and results in a shade you want.

There is no way to put together a exam board that will give correct colour benefits, so consider it on a small location of the wall where you wouldn’t intellect hanging a picture, and have a damp cloth handy to wipe off the end if you never like the glimpse. Implement the tinted finish with a foam brush. Soon after a minute or two, wipe off any excess with a dry fabric. You could possibly want a tiny paintbrush to get surplus complete out of the recesses together the beads. Aim to produce a extremely slender coat. Enable it dry, then evaluate the appear in daytime and at night beneath artificial mild. Include extra coats if necessary. Feather the edges to aid the stained place mix in with the relaxation of the wall.

The biggest danger with trying to tint sections of the wall is winding up with a patchwork influence that time won’t correct. In that scenario, it would be time for Prepare D: recoating all the partitions (with out initial stripping them), but in a way that doesn’t make the place darker, for the reason that you say you never want that. You could increase white pigment to a clear finish, for example, to get a a little whitewashed glance. Salisbury recommends sealing the knots to start with with shellac.

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