Stranger Things season 4 merch from Amazon: Shirts, home accessories, toys, more

Stranger Things season 4 merch from Amazon: Shirts, home accessories, toys, more

*Spoilers ahead*

Grab your flashlights, slingshots, and compass because part 2 of season 4 drops Friday, July 1 and it’s going to answer all the burning questions we have.

We watched the crew grow up from being awkward middle school kids playing D&D in Mike’s basement, to the crew being high school students playing D&D in the Hellfire Club. Okay, maybe they’re still the same awkward kids we watched in season 1, the only difference is where they play D&D. They’re also expert monster hunters now, which is definitely important.

If you stuck with the show, the first part of season 4 left us with more questions than answers, and if “Running Up That Hill” isn’t on repeat on your phone, you need to change that asap.

Excited for the second part of season 4 to drop this weekend? Take a look at our favorite Hellfire Club clothes, Stranger Things toys, home accessories, and more below to get the Stranger Things mood ahead of the new episodes.


Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club T-Shirt | Amazon

Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club T-Shirt | Amazon

Join the Hellfire Club with Lucas, Mike, and Dustin with the Stranger Things 4 Hellfire Club T-Shirt for $22.99. Choose from men’s, women’s, and youth sizes from XS-3XL.

Be part of the Hawkins crew for $22.99 with the Hawkins Stranger Things 85 Retro T-Shirt. Choose from white, blue, red, and grey. The shirt is made from 100{6b977529af4b490fe19a3f85472c6203ccfa467a56646e317a890c6580e8b827} cotton and runs in sizes S-3XL.

Check out the Netflix Stranger Things Simple Red Logo T-Shirt for $22.99. The shirt comes in 4 colors and is made from 100{6b977529af4b490fe19a3f85472c6203ccfa467a56646e317a890c6580e8b827} cotton. Check out the hoodie for $47.99 or the long sleeve for $44.99.

If you’ve seen the new season, Eduardo is probably one of your favorite characters this season. Check out the Stranger Things 4 Surfer Boy Pizza Employee for $28.29. The shirt comes in 5 colors for men, women, and youth.

Maybe dressing up in the Hawkins Tiger Cheerleading Outfit isn’t a good idea, especially if Vena is running loose. Anyway, the costume is $28.49.

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Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition | Amazon

Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition | Amazon

If you ever find yourself stuck in the upside-down (hopefully you’re not), make sure you have the Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition in close reach. The toy is $19.99 and has 900 mini pegs, stickers, and a branded storage pouch.

Check out the Dustin Vinyl Figure Funko Pop for $12.01. This Dustin Funko is from season 4 and is rocking the Hellfire Club T-shirt (that you can also wear.) He’s holding his walkie-talkie, as he always does, and has a thinking cap on.

For all the Stranger Things fanatics who want to spend a little more money, don’t be scared when the Demogorgon 1:6 Sale Collectible Figure shows up on your porch. This collectible measures 16 inches tall and has a multi-layered paint application to enhance a life-life appearance.

Perfect your shooting with the Luca’s Slingshot Game for $15. Help your friends defeat all the creatures of the Upside Down with a slingshot. The set includes 30-sheet pad of “rocks”, 2 rubber bands, 8 entities, and 1 slingshot.

Bored at work? grab the Aracade Desk Caddy for $9.09. Though you can’t play on it, the item serves as a desk organizer for anything you have.

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Home Accessories

40x50 Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Plush Throw | Amazon

40×50 Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Plush Throw | Amazon

Snuggle up or hide from Vecna under the 40×50 Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Plush Throw for $28.99. The blanket has a print from the famous Christmas light communication scene from season 1.

The Nelton Birthday Party Supplies for Stranger Things is everything you need to have a party straight out of the show. For $26.99, the package comes with a banner, cake toppers, 24 cupcake toppers, 18 balloons, 10 invitations, and 8 bracelets.

Demogorgons… will they return? For now, grab the Stranger Things Demogorgon 3-Inch Ceramic Mini Planter for $19.99.

If you can’t get enough of our (not-so-friendly) friend, the 8″ Stylized Plush Demogorgon is all yours for $16.99. This plush looks like it’s about to attack, so keep yourself safe.

The Garman Welcome to the Upside Down Metal Tin Sign is $9.99. The sign would be fun to hand on doors and walls around the house and could serve as a small joke among friends. Let’s face it, no one wants to enter the Upside Down unless you’re either Nancy, Steve, or Robin.

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Stranger Things Smartwatch Band | Amazon

Stranger Things Smartwatch Band | Amazon

The Stranger Things Smartwatch Band is officially licensed with Netflix. The band costs $39.90 and is compatible with every size and series of Apple Watch.

How can you explore the Upside Down without a flashlight? The Energizer Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting LED Limited Edition Flash Light is now $19.99. This accessory is an antique replica of the show and can light up the darkness for up to 80 hours. If the scene where Elle beats her bully with a roller shoe, check out this Apple Watch band for $39.90.

For $84.95, check out the Loungefly Stranger Things Chibi Characters Backpack. This item is officially licensed with Loungefly and Stranger Things. It has an all-over print design of the cast in the cute Chibi style.

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