Metaverse University Is Ready To Make Someone An Expert In The World Of Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR)

Metaverse University Is Ready To Make Someone An Expert In The World Of Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR)

Metaverse University Is Ready To Make Someone An Expert In The World Of Virtual Reality (VR) & (AR)

Metaverse University is ready to make someone become an expert in virtual reality, for some people it may be unfamiliar with the term metaverse, even though lately the term metaverse is increasingly being discussed by many people in the digital world.

Metaverse is a future platform that uses tools such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) as tools to enter the virtual world of Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg said that the world of metaverse will be released in about 5-10 years. Mark Zuckerberg describes that the metaverse is a world where people can go anywhere and can have fun indirectly or Virtually. It is possible that today’s technology will develop rapidly and will give rise to new trends in society. There is no denying that in the future there will be a virtual school in the form of Metaverse Education.
The term metaverse itself first existed in a science fiction novel entitled Snow Crash, written by writer Neal Stephenson in 1992. The dystopian genre novel tells about humans, represented by avatars, able to communicate with each other in three-dimensional space.

A person can become an expert in virtual reality by taking lessons at universities that are ready to make curriculum changes to suit the needs of the industry in the future. The need for virtual experts is a very important thing, therefore Uhamka is ready to align the curriculum according to industry needs in the future.

Virtual technology in the future can be a major driver for global economic and technological growth. Through the world metaverse, the university will distribute digital collectables and necessities, in the type of non-fungible token (NFT) which is likely to run on Ethereum (ETH)

In the future, the need for human resources who are experts in virtual reality is very much needed and will reach its peak. This has been marked since Facebook issued the Metaverse as one of the newest business models in the digital world.

So virtual technology will soon become the main motor of economic growth as well as a global technology. Where virtual applications will develop, ranging from education, health, military and so on. So it is not surprising that now Uhamka is preparing to become a metaverse university.

Metaverse can also be said to be a new world to complement our real reality. The word metaverse itself is a combination of the words “meta” and “universe”. Meta means digital and universe means universe. Once combined the meaning of the metaverse is the digital universe.

In this case, the metaverse is not that simple, where at this time we know the digital world is only limited to the internet to help all our daily needs. While the notion of the metaverse itself is to open the door for us to actually be present to do whatever we can do in the real world in digital form.

An example is a person can enter the virtual world and perform various kinds of daily activities in it like in the real world, now that is what will actually happen in our daily life later.

Uhamka has an international student apprenticeship program for internships in various fields, including health and social sciences, business and law, art, design and humanity, as well as technology. For the sake of creating the future of the world which will be determined by Asian countries and one of them is Indonesia.

Metaverse muhammadiyah in order to improve the progress of education at Uhamka, collaboration is established, including in the form of apprenticeships. Student mobility in the fields of health, business, information engineering, and management.

We all feel that the development of the digital world is currently very fast, what many people feel is the changing conditions of social relations between people in everyday life which are made easier by digital media. So that makes Metaverse Education must be able to follow the development of the digital world.