How Skylights Affect Roofing

How Skylights Affect Roofing

Stars are an amazing creation that we can only marvel at. These stars shine every night, inspiring people to name the shapes and patterns they see with luminescent names like Orion, Cassiopeia and Gemini. These constellations are also known as myths and legends. We love stargazing because of their beauty.

Skylights or windows on roofs allow people to gaze at the stars. They can then lie down at night and take in the light show. Add some shooting stars (also known as. The night is complete with meteors.

How do skylights impact roofing? Reggie Reed Roofing is located in Tampa, Florida. This blog post will address this question and many others. We offer roof replacement and repair services for residential and commercial roofs. Get in touch with us today to start!

What is a Skylight?

Skylights can be described as windows on your roof. Skylights allow light in, which was vital in those days before electricity. They not only add light but also aesthetic value to your home.

Different types of skylights

  • Open skylight . This is essentially a hole in your roof. This is best illustrated by the Pantheon in Rome. It is in the form of an oculus, and is a must-see attraction for tourists.
  • Fixed skylight . Fixed skylights are usually glazed, which allows light through but does not allow for vision. They do not open. These skylights are very popular in RVs and campers.
  • Operable skylight . These skylights are also known as roof windows. They can be opened to allow airflow and ventilation.
  • Retractable Skylight This type of skylight, as the name suggests, can be completely opened or closed (whereas an operable skylight is usually fixed on a hinge). It allows for full viewing of the sky and stars.

Skylights have many benefits

  • Natural lighting is more effective
  • Solar heating can be increased
  • Allows for air ventilation
  • Utility costs can be reduced
  • Adds aesthetic value
  • You can increase the home’s value
  • It can improve your mood
  • Reduces mold growth
  • More vitamin D
  • Productivity can be improved
  • Stargazing is possible
  • There’s so much more!

What Does a Skylight Do to Roofing?

Skylights, as we mentioned earlier, are basically covered holes in your roof. Leakage can occur if your roof has holes, even if it is sealed. Reggie Reed Roofing, Tampa, Florida offers the following tips for skylight installation.

  • Don’t DIY skylight installations . You are making a hole in your roof in order to install a window. Roofs are more than just plywood. When installing a skylight, there are many parts and components to a roof. Do you have the knowledge and skills to install a skylight? This project should add value to your home and not cost you more.
  • Selecting the best location for your skylight A skylight can be placed anywhere on your roof. You need to think about where your skylight will be most useful. Consider the location of your roof rafters and your roofing material. This skylight installation should be simple and not compromise the structural integrity of your roof. The more complex the skylight installation is, the more costly it will be. Consider how much light you would like to bring into your space. Expending too much sunlight on your room can cause solar heating to increase, which can lead to very hot summer days. For optimal placement, consider the angle of your roof. A professional roofer like Reggie Reed Roofing in Tampa will be able to offer expert advice about skylight placement. Contact us today!
  • Selecting the right glass to fit your skylight Glass breaks. To estimate the likelihood of your skylight bursting in the event of severe weather, you will need to look at the trees surrounding your skylight. If you live in an area with hail storms of the size of a golf ball, hail can also be a risk factor. Glass is not created equally and all glass does not break the same. Tempered glass breaks into small pieces and falls to the floor in tiny, smooth pieces. Laminated glass helps keep the glass from shattering. The glass is protected by a thin film that keeps the pieces of broken glass together. This is why laminated glass is more popular. Consider where furniture will be placed, especially your bed. The likelihood of you falling asleep during a breakage can be greater than if it were on the kitchen table.
  • Features for skylights Are you looking for a large or small skylight? Are you looking for a fixed or retractable skylight? Are you looking for a curb-mounted skylight or a deck-mounted skylight? Skylights that are curb mounted are those that are enclosed in a box. Deck mounted skylights can be integrated into roofs and are flat. These are the most recent designs. Skylights come in many styles. Reggie Reed Roofing recommends that you do your research on skylights to narrow down your options. It is a smart idea to consult with professionals who can install your skylights. You can get a better idea about which skylights would work best for you, are more energy-efficient and cost less to install.

Skylight Installation: The Key

Reggie Reed Roofing in Tampa would like to stress that skylight installation should be free from any leaks in, near or around the skylight. Leakage can cause damage to your roof and make your home more difficult.

A professional roofer is required to install skylights on your roof. Proper sealants and flashing must be applied around the skylight. A poorly installed skylight could lead to condensation between the skylight’s glass panes. Poor quality glass, broken seals, and other issues with flashing or components around your skylight can all lead to this problem. Condensation can leak into your home, or your roof. This should be checked by Reggie Reed Roofing in Tampa.

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