How a Sustainable Environment Can Improve Your Sleep

How a Sustainable Environment Can Improve Your Sleep

We have shared a lot of insights about the importance of green living over the years. We talked about the benefits of green living for the environment.

There are a lot of ways that following an eco-friendly lifestyle could help with your health. You may find that sustainable living could even make sleeping easier.

Environmental factors such as temperature, noise, light, and bed comfort affect the sleep condition of a person as it is the determinant of the quality of sleep one has. Since sleep is mainly done in the bedroom, living in an eco-friendly bedroom that makes a sustainable environment for sleep is very important to ensure comfortable and healthy sleep.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 33{6b977529af4b490fe19a3f85472c6203ccfa467a56646e317a890c6580e8b827} of American adults are not getting enough sleep, and 11{6b977529af4b490fe19a3f85472c6203ccfa467a56646e317a890c6580e8b827} report insufficient sleep every night. There are several reasons for this, of which one is a lack of an eco-friendly (sustainable) environment for sleeping.

In this article, you will discover methods to create a sustainable environment and how it can improve your sleep quality. You can also read our previous article on the benefits of eco-friendly ways to conquer sleep disorders.

Improve your Lighting System

The natural sleep-wake system of humans is primarily influenced by natural daylight and darkness. Therefore, healthy doses of natural sunlight and darkness should be embraced to improve sleep.

The burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is essential, with a large number of greenhouse gases and carbon footprints produced, which are harmful to your environment. While this energy source is important, an effort to save your bedroom and the planet at large should be made by using Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps or Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs.

Create an Excellent Sleeping Space

The use of engineered wooden furniture in your bedroom is discouraged from creating an eco-friendly environment for sleep because the adhesives used to make them release toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chemical flame retardants. Alternatively, green furniture made from solid hardwoods such as ash, maple, and oak should be used.

In addition to the type of furniture, comfortable and healthy sleep also depends on the raw material beddings and sheets used are made from. The use of organic beddings is important because they are less toxic e.g. Bamboo sheets, cotton sheets, silk sheets, flax sheets, etc.

Purify Your Bedroom Air

The air quality in your bedroom can be improved by putting plants in your bedroom. It helps to decontaminate the air in your room. Plants do the opposite of what humans do. They take in carbon dioxide produced by you for their respiration to produce oxygen which is essential for the breaking down of molecules in you.
Also, avoid the growth of mold in your bedroom and home. Molds grow everywhere, and they produce irritants, allergens, etc. Which are harmful to your health and they interfere with your sleep. Good breathing air is important for your sleep.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Investing in flooring to obtain a sustainable bedroom and home is also a great means of making an eco-friendly environment that can quench your quest of having a quality sleep. Some of the things to consider before investing in flooring for a sustainable environment include the manufacturing process of the material, the impact of the supply chain on the environment, and the use of natural resources. 


Improving the quality of your sleep by making efforts to create an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for yourself is very important. A sustainable environment is not just an excellent environment but it enhances your growth, healthy living, and healthy sleep. Now, from this article, you can be assured that even when you are sleeping, you sleep and live in a healthy environment.