Even in 2022, we will make a home that brings the outside inside

Home furnishing is set to get more dynamic yet sustainable in the new year. Sturdy furnishings that are multifunctional and have a soothing effect are already popular among consumers, a trend that’s going to continue in 2022 as well. 

Here are some key trends that are going to light the way for home furnishing in 2022.

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Sustainability gains prominence

The use of more organic and lasting material in home interiors is expected to continue in 2022. People will be indulging more in natural materials like wood and stone, mirroring the local ambient environment inside the home.

Let sunshine in

As we continue to spend more time inside homes (thanks to the hybrid office), we are naturally inclined to try and bring more of the outside, inside. And 2022 interior trends will reflect this demand for interiors with ample natural light.

This interior trend is set to include larger windows, high ceilings and other options of increasing daylight infusion in the house.

Black accents and earthy tones

Interior designers across the landscape are predicting the use of dark black accents with more natural coloured interiors for 2022. The black accents perfectly contrast with earthy tones, like brown, copper and green, for the furnishings. The idea is to bring nature inside home. 

Simplifying the home workspace

In the pandemic world, working from home has become part of our professional life. Thus, the home office setup is going to remain a task for homeowners in 2022 as well. Whether you are looking only to add office furniture to your home or a complete room, simplistic and functional equipment will do the trick.

Your very own indoor garden

What would our world be without the greens? The trend of having plants is only going to get stronger in 2022, especially as we add more natural light to our interiors. And why not? Greenery adds so much beauty and warmth to any space.

Multipurpose spaces

Mixed use of space for more than one activity is also a trend set to reach heights of demand in 2022. Special interior solutions have been witnessing high demands. For instance, a mixed living-room setting with an open kitchen and bar. Traditionally, such kinds of interiors have been more popular with studio apartments. But the high space utility factor is expected to drive more adoption of this trend in home interiors.

Multifunctional or smart furniture, for instance, is the fastest way to improve the utility of any home space. Just the trend of investing in furniture like sofa with hidden storage, foldable units, smart desk with speaker housing and remote-controlled cabinets, will get stronger in 2022.

Minimalist home

Decluttering and creating an interior that helps in easing anxiety is set to remain a point of focus in the coming year. Minimalist interior always allows for a functional yet comfortable living space with subtle features and a clean design.

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Ashish Dhingra is the founder of Obsessions, a home furnishing brand.