El Paso County Historical Society receives Morehead photos, furniture

El Paso County Historical Society receives Morehead photos, furniture

The El Paso County Historical Modern society obtained a donation that involved a prosperity of documents, maps, images and far more from a descendant of one particular of the city’s founding people.

Jo Mapel, whose late husband’s grandmother, Lemire “Queeny” Nebeker, was a member of the Morehead relatives, traveled to the Sun Town recently to provide the donation, which she gained on Nebeker’s death.

“I constantly experienced an interest in family members historical past,” Mapel stated. “Once we married, I took an fascination in his (Jameson Miller Mapel) family members history.”

Jo Mapel, a member of the Charles Morehead family, donated hundreds of documents, deeds, maps, photos and furniture from the Morehead family estate to the El Paso County Historical Society. Mapel gave a presentation on the donation describing the significance of the items on April 23, 2022, at the Burgess House, in Sunset Heights in El Paso, Texas.

In accordance to Mapel, who went to Austin Substantial School but now lives in Belton, Texas, the items had been remaining for her in an previous trunk following Nebeker’s dying, as she was the only family members member who confirmed an rigorous curiosity in the family’s historical past.

“I felt like it was a sacred trust,” Mapel explained. “I felt very strongly (that these items) need to be cared for appropriately.”