Dopamine decorating: experts reveal how we’re boosting our mood with color

We wager you’re informed, be it consciously or unconsciously, of dopamine dressing – the concept of putting on a pink costume, yellow jumper, or bright eco-friendly tee, specifically to strengthen your mood and make you experience superior. 

Putting on dazzling shades is an instant and productive way to raise your spirits, but can the similar be stated for decorating your household? Can a bright inside paint development really make you feel happier at household? Dopamine decorating suggests that it can…

bedroom with colorful leafy wallpaper, headboard and pink cushions

(Impression credit score: Upcoming Katie Lee )

Various research (rather substantially every single just one at any time carried out) have revealed that your environment can tremendously impact your mood. The backlink between brightly coloured decor – from bedding and lampshades, to rugs and a lot more – and our contentment levels has arrive to light in modern months, as a lot more and much more of us are choosing to adorn boldly.