Discover Diptyque Objects collection of home accessories

Discover Diptyque Objects collection of home accessories

Diptyque launches its ‘Simple Objects’ collection, a new series of family goods curated by French designer Sam Baron and impressed by the maison’s luxury candle. 

‘Although easy in shape and conception, the candle calls for some significant savoir-faire handed down by means of the ages: from the artisan chandler to the wick maker, glassblower, perfumer, and their priceless age-previous strategies,’ reads a assertion for Diptyque introducing the challenge. ‘Decked out in its emblematic oval, the Diptyque candle occupies a most singular job in bringing enchantment to the home. Its flame reveals concealed designs, its fragrance awakens the senses. It is a total earth in alone.’

Diptyque objects collection

Ingesting eyeglasses by Gianpaolo Pagni, £131 for established of 4

(Impression credit score: Courtesy Diptyque)

The new collection was created by world-wide designers, artists and craftsmen that ended up invited to interpret the maison’s aesthetic codes, doing work in wooden, ceramic, wax and glass.