Best Henri Matisse Paintings

Best Henri Matisse Paintings

The famous French artist Henri Matisse was born 150 years ago on December 31. His creative career spanned nearly 60 years, during which time the style of his works changed several times. Only one thing remained constant: the ability to convey emotions through color and form. Matisse, along with Pablo Picasso, is regarded as having had the greatest influence on the development of fine art in the first half of the twentieth century. Sergei Ivanovich Shchukin, a Russian entrepreneur, was among the first to recognize his talent, collecting an entire room of his works in his Moscow mansion. Among them is the well-known “Dance,” for which the collector was mocked behind his back. Henri Matisse’s iconic works

1. The Dance

“The Dance” (1910). Sergei Shchukin commissioned the artist to create three decorative panels for his Moscow home in 1908: “Dance,” “Music,” and “Bathing, or Meditation.” The latter remained unfinished, with only sketches preserved, and the first two are perhaps the most recognizable of Matisse’s works today.

Best Henri Matisse Paintings

2. Dishes and fruits

“Dishes and fruits” (1901). The spirit of the artist’s early works is similar to that of the Impressionists. Matisse spent a lot of time researching the works of other artists in search of his style, and despite his very modest financial situation, he bought paintings by authors he admired. Paul Cezanne had a significant influence on his work, as well as the work of many other artists of the time.

Dishes And Fruits Matisse print

3. Luxury, Peace and Enjoyment

“Luxury, Peace and Enjoyment” (1904-1905). Matisse attempted to work in the pointillism technique, which is distinguished by separate dot strokes, but quickly abandoned it in favor of broader, more energetic brush movements.

Luxury, Peace and Enjoyment Print

4. The View of Collioure

“The View of Collioure” (1906). Matisse spent the summer of 1905 in a Mediterranean fishing village. It was at this point that his work took a significant turn. Matisse co-created a new style, Fauvism, with Andre Derain.

The View of Collioure canvas print

5. The Red Room

“The Red Room” (1908). When the Fauvists first showed their work to the general public, the audience was taken aback by its brightness. The paintings elicited outrage from critics by conveying a sense of energy and passion. Camille Mockler compared them to hurling a pot of paint in the face of the public.

The Red room print

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