13 2022 Holiday Home Decor Trends To Try, According To Experts

13 2022 Holiday Home Decor Trends To Try, According To Experts

The holidays will be here faster than you can eat the freshly baked cookies right out of the oven, and the first step for getting into the holiday spirit is to decorate your space. Along with your tree, some festive wreaths, and string lights, you need to check out the top 2022 holiday home decor trends from experts. The holidays may be all about traditions and nostalgia, but it can also be fun to spice things up once in a while with some Insta-worthy additions.

Just think of these 2022 holiday home decor trends as the sprinkling of cinnamon on your warm hot chocolate — the right one just adds some extra flavor. Experts at Etsy, JOANN, HomeGoods and Michaels shared the trendiest holiday home decor items you’ll want to include along with your garland and fir-scented candles. Some of these 13 holiday home decor trends take inspiration from other decor aesthetics you might enjoy year-round, like Regencycore and cottagecore. So, if that’s your vibe, you can keep it going but with a holiday twist.

The holidays will be here before you know it, so if you’re planning on having your besties or family over, it’s time to deck the halls with 2022 holiday decor trends that are cozy and picture-perfect.


Make Use Of Merry And Bright Colors

Bright colors have been everywhere this year, from Barbiecore to “dopamine dressing,” so it only makes sense that the merry and bright theme would carry on over into the holidays. The home decor experts at Etsy revealed that searches for disco balls, vibrant wall art, and hot pink fashion items have increased recently, which means you should include a few neon hues into your wreaths ($73) and stockings ($24) as well. Swifties will especially love this disco ball tree topper that will make your “whole place shimmer.”


Carry On Your Cottagecore With An Enchanted Forest Aesthetic

Etsy is also seeing an “enchanted forest” trend for the holidays this year, which really feels like a festive take on cottagecore. When looking for ornaments ($16) or even wrapping paper ($3), search for nature-inspired prints. A holiday decorating hack from Etsy’s experts is to layer velvet with some faux fur to create an elevated forest feel. A green and gold table runner could also create a festive and Insta-worthy enchanted forest tablescape.


Bring The Après Ski Home With You

While getting outside and skiing in the snow is always a fun wintertime activity, your fave part of the day is the après ski. Spending time with your friends drinking and snacking on a delicious charcuterie board always creates so many great memories, and you’ll be reminded of them with ski wall prints ($90) and ornaments on your tree.


Add Some Bridgerton Vibes With Pearlcore Decor

Pearls have been popular this year — they were even a top 2022 wedding trend among Gen Z. Since the return of Bridgerton in March, the Regencycore vibes just stuck around, and they’ll be strong this holiday season with Etsy predicting pearlcore as a big aesthetic. While adding some pearl jewelry to your holiday party OOTD is an easy way to incorporate them in your style, one way to have pearlcore decor is to add some decorative trays ($69) to your coffee table with Christmas tree scented candles on top. These pearl bowls can also be used to serve peppermint bark at your bestie holiday movie night in.


Follow Traditions With Kitchen Kitsch Decor

While pearls and bright colors are a more modern take on holidays, you may be a nostalgic person at heart. For a traditional vibe, go with Etsy’s kitchen kitsch trend. These are vintage kitchen items like cookie jars ($128) and serving trays that have a 1950s and 1960s vibe to them. Some vintage holiday mugs are great if you plan on drinking hot cocoa as often as possible.


Make Some Holiday Magic With New Age Rituals


Work With The Space You’ve Got

Whether you’re living in a big house or studio apartment, you can still have all the holiday cheer your heart desires. If you don’t have room for a tree, JOANN’s Crafted Content Trend Lead, Anna Olsen, suggests that you “Decorate a wall or corner of your home with a holiday tree project, ranging from ribbon wall tapestries to portable fabric tree decorations.” JOANN also has mini Christmas trees that can go on your WFH desk.


Keep Sustainability In Mind With Your Holiday Decor

Another big trend Olsen is seeing is more sustainability when it comes to holiday decor. “Decorating with sustainability in mind is a great way to create something long-lasting to use year after year,” Olsen said. The trend expert recommended paper floral garlands as a fun DIY holiday decor project to make with a Cricut machine. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’ll also save you some money.


Stay Cozy With A Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic

The coastal grandmother design trend really took off this year, thanks to everyone’s love of Diane Keaton and Nancy Meyers movies. Meyers’ The Holiday may even be one of your go-to holiday movies you watch every year. If that’s the case, you’ll love this coastal holiday decor trend that HomeGoods Style Expert Jenny Reimold says is going to be big this year.

Second summer has been a fall 2022 travel trend, and it seems people aren’t ready to leave the seaside just yet. “[Coastal grandmother] evokes memories of days spent in the summer along coastlines and a laid-back approach to life that many can appreciate,” according to Reimold, and this decor trend also follows the nature-inspired trend as well. To create the perfect combination of the beach and wintertime, go with some shell throw pillows ($20) on your couch and a coastal Santa ($25) on your mantel. Even this seashell Christmas tree is a great alternative to a traditional green one.


Add Metallic Accents To Your Home For A Glam Wonderland

This may be the most wonderful time of the year, but HomeGoods also sees it as being the most glamourous. Glam wonderland is another design trend the decor store predicts will be big for 2022. This aesthetic involves a lot of mauve palettes with glitter and metallic accents. A simple way to incorporate this is to have golden ornaments on your tree.


Channel Your Inner Eloise With Plazacore Decor

Eloise was living her best life at the Plaza, and you can do the same this holiday season, thanks to Plazacore. HomeGoods recommends this design aesthetic inspired by Eloise at the Plaza, which mixes sophisticated and preppy NYC style with her signature pink accents. Watch Eloise at Christmastime for inspiration while you decorate with pink wreaths ($30) and Christmas trees ($30). This hot pink throw blanket is a cozy way to decorate and be ready for your next movie night.


Relax With A Cabincore Atmosphere

The Director of Trend & Design at Michaels, Mandi Clark, tells Elite Daily that cabincore will be making its triumphant return this holiday season. Clark says that “people are creating a cozy cabin atmosphere using decor with warm wood tones, woven natural fibers, and textiles that are slightly rustic but refined.” You can accomplish this look with lots of plaid ($21) and green wreaths ($6).


Go For Sweet Decor In Sugary Pastels

If visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head, you may be into the sugary pastels holiday decor trend that Clark is seeing. “Soft and sugary pastels set the tone for a romantic holiday with regency vibes,” said Clark, so this trend may also pair well with the Bridgerton-inspired pearlcore. This pom pom garland is a cute way to add more color to your space, but Michaels also has these pastel-colored drop ornaments ($5) and an entire Holiday Romance collection to shop.

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