Where I Work: HiWorks

One of the ironic things about establishing an architecture office is that you don’t really need an office. To get started all that’s required is a desk and a computer. But even though I could have run my new design firm out of a spare bedroom, I felt creating a professional environment for my business was as important as creating a nurturing home for my family.

After founding HiWorks in 2012, I shared space with colleagues for a few years before moving to my current office on Broadway just north of Loop 410. Located just seven minutes from my home, the low, two-story brick building was designed by O’Neil Ford and incorporated the same lift-slab construction technology pioneered at the Trinity University Campus.

First built to support the newly opened San Antonio International Airport, the mid-century warehouse was later converted into offices. It’s not the most remarkable Ford project in San Antonio, but it gets the job done. I leased a little under 300 square feet of space: plenty of room for a desk and a computer as well as some sensible IKEA furniture and an antique cast-iron drafting table I inherited from my grandfather.