The best high-end office furniture

High-end office furniture is defined in part by its price point, which is high. But this isn’t the only criteria. Craftsmanship and high-quality materials are just as important, if not more, than price. High-end pieces have a substantial look, with solid construction. They’re not flimsy.

Take the East Urban Home Cuuba Libre L-Shaped Desk. The L-shaped design allows the desk to tuck neatly into a corner. It offers layout flexibility as well, with reversible orientation. Work space on the desk is generous and storage space consists of a combination of open shelving, a drawer and a cabinet.

What to know before you buy high-end office furniture

Types of furniture needed 

While an office might contain a large variety of high-end office furniture, certain pieces are used more frequently than others.

  • Desk: The main work space and storage space for each employee. Varying in size and design, desks are available in many different iterations.
  • Office chair: The place where each employee sits while at their desk. Since people spend long hours in their office chair, ergonomic designs have become sought after in recent years.
  • File storage unit: Consisting of drawers, this unit holds important business documents. A file storage unit might be tall and narrow or low and wide. Some of these units are designed with lockable drawers.
  • Conference table: Chances are, you won’t need a conference table unless you’re furnishing a shared office space. If this is the case, the table serves as a gathering place for meetings.
  • Conference chair: These chairs are designed specifically to use around a conference table.

The quantity of high-end office furniture pieces you’ll need depends on whether you’re furnishing a home office or shared office. A home office requires just one desk and office chair. You might need a single filing cabinet or multiple units.

When it comes to a shared office space, getting a headcount of employees is the first and critical step. You’ll need enough desks and office chairs to accommodate your staff. Ideally, each employee should also have their own filing storage unit. And if the shared spaces include a conference room, you’ll need enough chairs for employees, plus any clients you might meet with onsite.

Desk work space requirements 

Cramped work space on a desk can cause a great deal of frustration and even render you inefficient. This is the reason why the amount of work space on a desk is critical. The surface of the desk should have ample space for commonly used items like a desk lamp, calendar, desk pad, desk organizer, laptop, mouse and printer.

High-end office furniture features

The size of high-end office furniture is an important factor for several reasons. First, it must align with the dimensions of the office space. Otherwise, you could end up with a layout that looks too cramped or too empty. At the same time, furniture like a desk must provide enough space to work. And file cabinets must have enough storage space to fit all documents without cramming them into the drawers.

High-end office furniture is made of a wide range of materials. However, certain materials are more indicative of a well-made piece than others. Real wood is one. Solid and beautiful, wood is a classic choice. Metal is another good option. This material is sturdy and durable and it can take a beating very well.

All high-end office furniture should adhere to the same decor style and form a cohesive whole. The decor scheme should appear polished, not disjointed. A polished aesthetic contributes greatly to the high-end effect.

High-end office furniture cost 

High-end office furniture starts at around $80 and can go as high as several hundreds of dollars.

High-end office furniture FAQ

How do you keep high-end office furniture in good condition? 

A. Read up on the materials used and educate yourself on how to properly care for them. Pay attention to the recommended products instead of using one product on all pieces. Using the right cleaning tools is also imperative. While this approach requires a bit of time and financial investment upfront, it’ll pay off in dividends with furniture that looks beautiful for years.

What kind of decor should you pair with high-end office furniture? 

A. The term “high-end” is about far more than just a high price tag. It implies elegance, a sense of refinement and sophistication. The decorations that’ll look best with high-end office furniture are understated and have a quiet appeal that’ll endure. Avoid loud, showy designs and excessive colors.

Which high-end office furniture should I get?

Best of the best high-end office furniture

East Urban Home Cuuba Libre L-Shaped Desk: available at Wayfair 

Our take: The L-shape of this sophisticated desk provides plenty of working space, while the reversible orientation allows it to fit in many different spaces.

What we like: This attractive desk tucks neatly into a corner thanks to its L-shaped design, making it the perfect choice for small or shared office spaces. At the same time, there’s plenty of working space. You can store office supplies in the drawer equipped with ball bearing glides, cabinet or open shelves.

What we dislike: At least one buyer found the material composing the back of the cupboard problematic, although they felt the rest of the desk was well-made.

Best bang for your buck high-end office furniture

Ebern Designs Cavitt Four-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet: available at Wayfair 

Our take: With the capacity to hold 200 pounds and a sleek profile, this filing cabinet offers ample storage, while taking up very little space.

What we like: Made in the U.S. and constructed of steel, the quality of this filing cabinet is solid. The four drawers accommodate letter-sized documents and feature metallic pull handles. Two of the drawers lock to keep confidential files secure. The drawers don’t fully extend, minimizing the risk of the cabinet tipping.

What we dislike: Signs of damage upon arrival was the main issue reported by a smattering of displeased buyers.

Honorable mention high-end office furniture

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair: available at Wayfair 

Our take: Designed to support your back and arms, this ergonomic mesh office chair is as comfortable as it is attractive.

What we like: This office chair provides support in all the right places. Features include lumbar support, an ergonomic design, padded flip-up armrests, back angle adjustment, adjustable headrest, lockable recline and center tilt. The waterfall seat edge design offers comprehensive spinal support and relieves calf pressure. The pared-down style will complement any decor scheme.

What we dislike: A couple of buyers standing 6 feet tall or taller felt the headrest was uncomfortable for someone of their height. 

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