The Beautyrest Heated Wrap Blanket Is Popular on Amazon

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If you are constantly cold during the winter, you may want to invest in a heated blanket. These handy home accessories will keep you warm and toasty with just the push of a button. While there are tons of options to choose from, thousands of Amazon shoppers love the Beautyrest Heated Wrap Blanket because it’s super soft and comfortable — and you can wear it like a wrap. 

That’s right, this innovative heated blanket has been designed so you can wear it over your shoulders like a cape or poncho, meaning you will stay warm even as you move around. There are three heat settings to choose from, and it has a two-hour auto-shutoff function, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. 

The power cord is six feet long, which allows you to easily move about the room while wearing the blanket, and the blanket is lined with a fuzzy faux shearling material that shoppers say is super soft against their skin. Reviewers also love that you can barely feel the heated coils throughout the wrap blanket. While many customers said that the heated blanket made a cozy addition to their homes, others said they love it so much that they use it at the office too. 

Buy It! Beautyrest Heated Wrap Blanket, $63.99;

“This is seriously one of the best purchases of my life,” wrote one shopper. “It goes over the back of my work chair (I’m not allowed space heaters at my work.) It’s cold in here…I’m wrapped in this and working away. I haven’t been cold since I purchased it. It’s so much softer than I thought it would be and, well, my co-workers may be your next purchaser, because everyone is jealous.”

“I am obsessed with this blanket. Absolutely obsessed,” raved another. “As a constantly-freezing person, this blanket is a dream come true! Super soft, extremely warm even on the medium setting, and allows me to stay cozy as I work at the computer for hours at a time. My prior heating blankets/wraps were a struggle — I was always trying to find the right way to get them wrapped around my body and arms, the heating was inconsistent or not strong enough… I was like one of those pitiful people in infomercials, struggling endlessly with ludicrously simple tasks. Thankfully, those times are over. With this baby, my arms and torso are covered in, what feels like, the cuddles of a dozen fuzzy puppies.”

The wearable heated blanket comes in 10 different styles ranging from simple solids to classic plaids and fun animal prints. And thanks to Amazon Prime, it will arrive before Christmas if you want to give the cozy item as a holiday gift. Shop the Beautyrest Heated Wrap Blanket for yourself or a loved one below. 

Buy It! Beautyrest Heated Wrap Blanket, $63.99;