Removing skunk smell from car

Dear Readers: If this dreadful stink has ended up inside your auto, first open all the doors and windows to see if the smell will dissipate. If it does not, take these steps to get rid of it, inside and outside of your car.

n Spray an odor neutralizer on fabric upholstery. Be sure to scrub the rubber or carpet mats with hot, soapy water.

n To get rid of the smell on the outside of your car, get it to a car wash ASAP.

n Mix hydrogen peroxide and water together. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Spritz the tires and underside of the car. Wipe up any peroxide drips, because it has the potential to bleach some surfaces. — Heloise

Quick-Clean During

TV Commercials

Dear Readers: While you are in the den or living room watching TV, don’t just sit there. Instead, when endless TV commercials come on, take those minutes to straighten up or clean up clutter and things that don’t need to be the room. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a couple of minutes. Here’s what to tackle.

1. Put back what needs to be in place, such as pillows or books.

2. Take out stacks of magazines or newspapers. You can go through them to clip articles you want to save or scan them to your computer.

3. Get out the vacuum cleaner to give rugs and carpets a quick clean.

4. If you head to the kitchen for more food or drink, take the dirty glasses or plates that need to be put in the dishwasher with you. Don’t leave the room empty-handed. — Heloise

Frosting A Cake

Dear Readers: If you are having trouble getting the icing smooth on a crumbly cake because the icing is sticking to the spatula, here’s how to solve the problem. Put the cake in the freezer and leave it until the cake is firm. Then when you frost it there won’t be the sticking or unevenness of the icing. Also, dip the spatula in hot water before using and wipe dry. — Heloise

Sending Holiday Packages?

Dear Readers: When you are sending holiday packages, here’s an environmentally friendly way to recycle what you have at home. Don’t buy foam peanuts or any other fillers. Instead, crumple up old catalogs, magazines and newspapers for filler. And you can even use actual popcorn (but no butter) to be sure that your items are safely packed. — Heloise.

Removing Furniture Dents

In Carpet

Dear Readers: If you keep your furniture in the same place and position in your living room or elsewhere in your home, it will make dents in the carpet. Here’s how get the dents out when you move the furniture. Put an ice cube in each dent and let melt. Leave the moisture for a bit, then blot up the dents. When done, fluff up the carpet with your fingers. — Heloise

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