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The months of September, October and November are filled with festivities and the onset of winters. The season of autumn begins in mid-September as the monsoon recedes and lasts till November end when winters begin. Just as we change our clothing and lifestyle as per the ongoing season, we must also prepare our home for the autumn season.
Also, the autumn season comes with a lot of festivals which means your house needs a makeover and be prepared for the upcoming season. Read these simple hacks to know the preparations for the autumn season.

Clean the house and vacuum clean it
Change the bed sheets and curtains
Add new furniture
Add new lampshades and accessories
Get new paintings and more

Step 1: Clean the house and vacuum clean it


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The easiest and satisfying part of cleaning the house is vacuuming it. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner and clean every corner of your house. After you have cleaned the dust, it is important to mop and disinfect the floor. A good mop with a disinfectant will do the job. It is important to select a disinfectant that goes easy on the hands and has the least chemicals.

This cleaner has a suction power of 370 W and is very easy to clean. It reaches the farthest and toughest corners of the room. It comes with a 2 years warranty and EPA 10 filter for cleaner air.

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Step 2: Change the bedsheets and curtains

Heat enters your home through doors and windows. You can block the incoming heat with thick curtains. Transparent curtains may look good with your home’s theme but they cannot resist the heat. You can have cotton upholstery throughout the year and save on spending too much on the upholstery.

These are room darkening curtains that can fit any door and window measurement. The room darkening curtains blackout the room in the afternoon to cool it down and keep the heat out. These are easy to use and wash curtains that can be managed with a machine wash at home. A set of 2 is ideal for any window panel in the house.

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Step 3: Add new furniture

The festive season is just on the horizon and you may be running from pillar to post in order to find the right sitting space for the guests. You could be looking for a single divan, a sofa set, a large cushion sitting space or others.

This is made of high-quality fabrics and is apt for small and medium households. You can use this as a sofa set or move it to your bedroom for a movie marathon. This is a modern-looking contemporary sofa.

Step 4: Add new lampshades and accessories

At times we come across the question of why is lighting important in a house. Well, there are several reasons why lighting is important and needed in every home. Together with proper furnishing and interiors, lighting takes up the ambience of the home by a notch.

This is a set of 3 ceiling lights with adjustable heights. Lights are best suited with yellow light bulbs. The product is versatile and can be placed in rooms, living rooms, study rooms, offices, and dining areas. It is made in India and meets the toughest industry standards.

Step 5: Get new paintings and more

Wall paintings and wall arts add to the natural beauty of the home and look good when they go along with the decor.

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Other FAQs

  1. How important is lighting at home?
    It is important to have proper and ample lighting at home. It lights up the mood, changes the ambience of the home, and keeps the home lit up at night.
  2. Which sofa is best, leather or fabric?
    Fabric sofas are the most bought sofa sets as it is the most comfortable type of sofa and is available in a wide diversity of colours and sizes. Leather sofas are purely made up of leather making them long-lasting and easy to clean
  3. How can I wash my sofa?
    You can use specialised sofa cleaning equipment such as vacuum, soap and more.

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