How to get paint off a hardwood floor

If you want to know how to get paint off a hardwood flooring, you will want the response quicker relatively than later. Like any other form of stain, a paint stain is much a lot easier to clear away if it truly is clean. But even if you have a dried, old stain on your wooden flooring, do not stress – you can nonetheless remove it with a bit of know-how and persistence.

You’ve got invested in the greatest style of wood flooring, and you will want to preserve it in the greatest problem attainable. Even so, from time to time paint spills occur, particularly if you happen to be repainting a space you. Thankfully, there is a wealth of pro expertise for you to draw on when discovering how to get paint off a picket ground. 

A living room with bookcases, ladder, and wood floors

(Picture credit score: Carpetright)

How to get paint off a hardwood flooring