How to Clean and Care for Wood Floors to Keep Them Looking Beautiful, by Mary Hunt

Of all the choices in residence flooring, wooden stands out for lots of as the most gorgeous. Wooden is durable, coordinates properly with any decor and most real estate brokers agree it enhances the home’s benefit at resale. Understanding how to protect and thoroughly clean wooden floors is vital — and surprisingly quick.

AS IT Transpires

To safeguard the finish and retain wood flooring beautiful — either strong wood or engineered wooden — it is critical to get treatment of messes as they happen. That implies spills, water drops, dry messes, what have you. Spills and messes occur but make guaranteed they don’t continue being for much more than a handful of minutes.

Immediately after cleaning up the spill with a paper towel or cloth, give the floor a ultimate moist rinse with a somewhat h2o-dampened cloth or mop. Make certain you dry the area very well with a microfiber fabric to protect against streaks. Do not make it possible for any total of h2o to sit on wooden flooring for any duration of time if you can support it.


Sweep with a smooth bristle broom or vacuum your wooden flooring every day to eliminate dust, dust, crumbs and debris. Even moment debris when authorized to sit and to be walked on will boring the end and sooner or later result in obvious don and tear.


Using a excellent dry dust mop, go around wooden flooring when a 7 days to clear away the buildup of dust — especially the dust bunnies that accumulate along the edges. Make sure you move region rugs to get any bits of grime and dust that obtain their way beneath rugs and mats.


When you are diligent to deal with messes as they take place, sweep or vacuum every day and dust mop weekly, mopping concluded wood floors is important only a couple of times a 12 months. An straightforward way to keep in mind is to do this at the start of each individual period. Sure, very seriously! Four instances a 12 months is a fantastic agenda.

In no way flood wooden flooring with cleaning solution or h2o. Hardly ever use a sopping mop on wooden flooring. Too much h2o can destruction each and every sort of sealant on wood floors and will eventually cause them to buckle.

Wood Ground CLEANERS

When it comes to wood flooring cleaners, you can shell out a fortune on business products and solutions — or you can make your individual for pennies.

Warning: Only use flooring cleaners on concluded or “sealed” wood. Don’t know what you have? Do this exam: Place a fall of drinking water on the wood. If it sits on the area, that wood has been sealed. If it soaks right in, the wood is unfinished. Do not use cleaner of any kind to unfinished wood. Just hold it swept and nicely-dusted.

The crucial to building your very own wood flooring cleaner is equivalent to the motivation of a health practitioner: Very first, do no hurt. The trick is generating a merchandise that will clean well devoid of harming the finish of your floors, even when utilized continuously over several yrs.

Homemade Ground CLEANER

This all-objective cleaner is excellent for finished wooden flooring, both stable wooden and engineered wood.

1 component alcohol (rubbing, denatured, vodka, gin)

4 pieces distilled h2o

2 or 3 drops Blue Dawn

Example: 1/4 cup liquor, 1 cup distilled drinking water, 2 drops Blue Dawn. Or 1/2 cup alcohol, 2 cups distilled drinking water, 4 to 6 drops Blue Dawn.

Blend this up in a spray bottle each time you clean the floors, or you can make it up forward. The recipe multiplies nicely. No rinsing is needed. Be absolutely sure to label evidently and hold it out of the access of young children.

Sweep or vacuum the flooring. Spray the cleaner in a little area, scrub perfectly with a mop fitted with a fabric or soft sponge and straight away wipe the place dry with a microfiber fabric.

The magic formula is to spray, scrub and wipe dry instantly. If you do not want to do this on your palms and knees, I advocate O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop. It sprays the cleaner from its removable bottle that allows you make your own cleaner. It has a significant floor mop and device-washable microfiber pad, which will make scrubbing wooden and other sorts of flooring a breeze. The O-Cedar mop is available on Amazon as effectively as other suppliers such as Target and Walmart.

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