EuroMillions couple describe moment they discovered win – and their first purchase

Joe and Jess Thwaite, 49 and 44, revealed the first thing they have bought with their money is bedroom furniture – a chest of drawers and a wardrobe

Joe Thwaite, 49, and Jess Thwaite, 46, from Gloucestershire

The lucky couple who have won the £184million EuroMillions jackpot have described the moment they realised they won – and the first thing they’ve bought with the winnings.

Joe and Jess Thwaite, 49 and 44, went public today in Cheltenham as they celebrated their huge win.

The lucky couple, from Gloucestershire, scooped £184,262,899.10 and are now the UK’s richest-ever National Lottery winners.

Joe said he learned of the win first and lay in bed in disbelief looking at properties until Jess woke up.

The couple also revealed the first thing they have bought with their money is bedroom furniture – a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

Joe bought the ticket at around 4pm on the day of the draw via the National Lottery app.

Playing on the app means your ticket is checked for you and you even get an email sent to you when you win a prize.

The next morning Joe got up as usual at 5.15am to sort out the couple’s dogs.

The couple celebrate with a kiss



Once the dogs were happy he checked his phone and saw the email from The National Lottery saying, ‘Good news, you’ve won a prize’.

Joe said: “I looked it up and saw we’d won. I saw how much and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t go back to sleep,

”I didn’t want to wake Jess up so I just laid there for what seemed like forever. I spent some time searching for property with no budget limit, which was a novelty!”

Eventually the alarm rang and as Jess struggled to turn it off Joe told her: “I’ve got a secret, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Jess’ initial reaction when presented with the news was disbelief, thinking Joe had it wrong, the National Lottery app was wrong or that it was a joke.

A screengrab of Joe’s phone showing the win

Eventually she concluded that it wasn’t worth getting too excited about as it probably wasn’t true and got up to make a coffee and start their normal morning routine.

The couple called Camelot once The National Lottery Line opened at 8am and promptly had the life-changing win confirmed.

Questioned on how they celebrated their win, Jess Thwaite said: “We’ve had a family meal, we went and had a family meal so we could share with our family.

“To tell the truth, we bought bedroom furniture. We bought a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

Joe and Jess have gone public with their win



“Other than that we haven’t done anything.”

Asked if they would reach out for advice from past lottery winners, Joe Thwaite said: “We want as much advice as we can get.”

Joe Thwaite said he always chooses the Lucky Dip as he thinks it is “easier”, while Jess Thwaite added: “My dad played the Lottery when we were growing up and he played the same numbers every single week.

They are the UK’s biggest ever National Lottery winners


Tom Wren / SWNS)

“He died about seven years ago and kind of Joe took on the baton as the one who did the Lottery for our family.

“So he started off using those numbers, but he’d forget them or get them wrong or something, so we then went to Lucky Dip, so that it was luck.

“But yeah it’s unbelievable because that’s what my dad dreamed of all his life, and used to say to us frequently ‘Imagine if you won the Lottery, think about if you won the Lottery’.

“And yeah it’s just crazy.”

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