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It’s been another eerie year for sure but not so scary that the ongoing pandemic will suck the spirit out of Halloween. 

Health experts at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have, for now, given trick or treating the green light, but you still need to be careful. The recommendations for those who choose to celebrate: You should try to do so outside, wear masks when inside and continue to make activities such as trick-or-treating “as contactless as possible.”

That seems pretty simple. After all, we came up with some clever ways to celebrate  Halloween safely last year under similar guidelines. Many of those COVID-19 workarounds will be a good idea to incorporate again in 2021. 

“We got really innovative during Halloween last year, where people could set out candy on a table and still smile and wave,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said previously. “It keeps the kids safe, and it keeps you safe.”

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In 2021, it’s still a smart precaution to avoid crowded haunted houses, the communal candy dish and large unmasked crowds. But all those safety regulations don’t mean the spooky season needs to be canceled. 

Blowup decorations were still available Tuesday at Halloween City on the west side of Bloomington.

“People seem to be putting extra effort into decorating their homes,” Tracy Caufield Johnson, owner of Caufield’s Novelty, 1006 W. Main St., told The Courier Journal. “We can definitely tell people are ready to celebrate.”

Scary clowns are popular, and Johnson said you can’t go wrong with big giant spiders and webs or any moving prop.   

No matter whether your family enjoys super creepy or delightfully festive, we’ve rounded up a handful of suggestions to supercharge the Halloween spirit (safely!) during this strange and spooky time.

Halloween costume ideas for 2021

Part of making your family’s holiday memorable is spending time together. And don’t we all have plenty of together time during the pandemic?

So do something different and thrifty in 2021 and consider constructing a “boxtume” with your kids, Maura Hazard, Louisville-area owner of Two Men and a Truck, says. “Making box costumes is a great way to keep kids entertained at home.”