7 standing desks that take your home office to the next level

7 standing desks that take your home office to the next level

An adjustable standing desk keeps your body more active than a traditional desk.

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Sedentary behavior — including sitting too long — can be hazardous to your health. According to research published in the peer-reviewed journal Diabetologia, inactivity increases chances of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and all-around mortality.

Unfortunately, many jobs require working at a desk for hours at a time. So enter the standing desk, an adjustable workspace that allows you the option of alternating between standing and sitting positions. While it’s not a miracle cure-all, the standing desk, sometimes called a sit-stand or height-adjustable desk, does reduce inactivity.  Alternating between sitting and standing during the workday may lower blood sugar levelsdecrease risk of heart disease, boost productivity and mood and even promote longevity.

Below, seven standing desks that may help you reap the health benefits of working on your feet. 

Lynnea height adjustable standing desk

Lynnea Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Don’t sacrifice style with this desk option that has a distressed finish. This metal and wood desk can be adjusted from 30 inches to 36 inches via a lever. It’s currently on sale at Wayfair.

Lynnea height adjustable standing desk, $330 (reduced from $455)

Vari electric standing desk

Vari electric standing desk


Hailed as the best standing desks of 2021, the motorized Vari electric standing desk also boasts a five-star customer rating on Amazon. One reason for all the praise? Programmable settings that allow for desktop height adjustments, from 25.5 to 50.5 inches, with one touch of a button.

Vari advises that the desktop and steel legs may shipped separately. But once you have everything you need in one place, Vari claims assembly can be completed in less than five minutes. The standing desk is available in five desktop colors; dark wood is pictured. There are two sizes to choose from; prices vary. 

Vari electric standing desk, dark wood (60″ x 30″), $795

SHW electric standing desk



A budget-conscious option, the SHW electric standing desk starts at $210 for the 40-inch-wide model and increases to $300 for a 55-inch desk. Constructed of industrial steel, it includes a variety of features, such as two hanging hooks, a cable management organizer, four lockable wheels and a center drawer. Fully motorized, it lifts from 28 to 46 inches with four memory preset options.

SHW electric standing desk (24″ x 40″), $210

Flexispot standing desk converter



A standing desk converter is a great option for those who already own and like their traditional desk. The lightweight and portable design of this Flexispot standing desk converter makes it easily transportable from home to the office, while offering enough space for a large monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse. The converter is available in two colors: black and mahogany. 

Flexispot standing desk converter, black (30″ x 23.7″), $130 (reduced from $180)

Flexispot Kana Pro bamboo standing desk 



Available in rectangular and curved shapes, and five sizes to fit any space, the Flexispot Kana Pro is a feature-heavy standing desk with a lacquer-coated sustainable bamboo surface. The workspace offers a socket and two USB portals, holds up to 275 pounds and features a smart control panel for height adjustments (with presets and child lock security).

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk (48″ x 24″), $540

Floyd Home The Standing Desk 



Floyd Home teamed with Fully, an ergonomically minded office-furniture brand, to engineer a programmable standing desk — a piece inspired by Fully’s Jarvis frame, but constructed out of Floyd’s real birch ply table surface and powder-coated steel frame. The Floyd standing desk adjusts in height from 25.6 to 51 inches. The desk itself weighs a whopping 110 pounds, but has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. There are three colors options for the desk surface: birch (pictured); walnut; and, fog. Prices vary by color.  

Floyd Home The Standing Desk, birch (54″ x 26″), $975

Uplift standing desk



For those on the hunt for a fully customizable, highly rated standing desk, check out the Uplift V2, a design-your-own-desk that enables you to select size, surface material, frame, grommet color, keypad style and even type of foot switch, in addition to a bunch of optional accessories, including under-desk hammocks, bamboo standing boards, under-desk organizers and LED lamps. Vertical height ranges from 52 to 79 inches, with rapid up-and-down movement and assembly that takes just seven minutes. Prices vary by size, as well as desktop color and style. Uplift offers free space planning and design services to simplify the process. Amazon, meanwhile, offers a pre-designed, well-equipped Uplift model with a bamboo desktop in a variety of frame colors and sizes. 

Uplift Standing Desk, bamboo desktop (42″ x 30″), $599

Uplift Standing Desk, black frame (42″ x 30″), $768

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